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Planning High-Risk Travel - Professional Skills Workshop

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Health & Safety

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13/09/2022 - 13/06/2024

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Completing risk assessments is an essential professional skill for any member of staff working in high-risk contexts.

This interactive face-to-face session will explore factors to be considered when planning travel to high-risk destinations or where other factors elevate risk in moderate or low-risk destinations (e.g. timings, purpose, activities, individual vulnerabilities, etc.).

What are the benefits?

This workshop will ensure staff have the necessary skills and confidence to complete risk assessments for high-risk travel and identify appropriate mitigations to ensure risks are tolerable.

Topics covered include:

• Understanding what influences the risk of a trip
• Being aware of the sources of destination risk information available to them and how to interpret destination safety reports
• Understanding the key concepts and components of the risk assessment
• Understanding the arrangements for travel safety and emergency support
• Identifying if trip-specific contingency plans are required
• Understanding approval processes for travel and the Group’s risk tolerance

Who should attend?

This one-day session is for anyone completing risk assessments for high-risk travel. It is also recommended for staff who support travel approval processes to understand the process to assist their travellers.

Note: There is a separate complimentary workshop for travellers to develop travel safety skills to support them whilst travelling.

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