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Light Bites - Working the Word! - Online Presence

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The Basics (Teaching and Learning)

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22/06/2021 - 26/07/2021

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Sonia Ritter


In this workshop, we dig deeper into the potential of our voices. We explore tonal variety and use vocal sound to illustrate, enrich and engage our students in what we seek to communicate. Attend this session at your own risk! You may awaken vocal talents you never knew existed!

Topics covered include:

There is a lot of technical support on how to get our classrooms online. But how do we connect, as teachers, with our students in a remote space?

Take a moment! Think about how we do this in a 'physical' space! Our voice, body language, and position are all significant factors in the way we facilitate learning. But how do we translate these factors into a new and very different virtual environment?

In this powerful series of workshops, we explore classroom presence and consider ways to develop it in a virtual environment. Each week, we explore different aspects of online presence. Engage with a workshop as a one-off event, or join us for the whole series!

(Fed-up with playing to the Zoom/Teams Void? This workshop could be for you!)

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