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An Introduction to… Decolonisation of the Curriculum

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16/11/2020 - 07/01/2021

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Michelle Bond and Amrita Narang


Curriculum 2025 is organising two interactive webinars to support teaching staff to identify decolonisation ideas for their modules and courses.
There are two sessions in the series, on January 11 and 20. They will contain different workshop content on the two dates, but can be attended singly if you can only make it to one of them.
Workshop 1: Will be facilitated by Michelle Bond from the Library Team, and Amrita Narang, a course leader at CU Coventry.

What are the benefits?

At Coventry, we aim to decolonise the curriculum by providing the learning materials and experiences that engage and support students to understand the social and cultural underpinnings of their discipline. We encourage staff and students to think critically about how knowledge is created, by who and in whose interest. This workshop is designed to introduce you to decolonisation and how you can think critically about your own discipline area. To find out more, view the toolkit created by Curriculum 2025 https://curriculum.coventry.domains/decolonisation/

Topics covered include:

This workshop will be an interactive workshop and cover the following 2 topics:
• Reviewing who we read (What informs choices, on the reading list, who decides?)
• Reviewing what we read about (Why are some topics and perspectives researched and others are not?)

Who should attend?

All staff who are involved in the design or delivery of the curriculum.

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