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Course based approach to assessment – Why, how and see examples.

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Assessment & Feedback

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09/04/2019 - 07/05/2019

What are the benefits?


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Course directors and module leaders.


Hannelie du Plessis-Walker


An enhanced experience of assessment and feedback for both staff and students, is achievable when a course based approach to assessment is planned and implemented at course level.

As course director, with your oversight of the assessment journey on the course, you have potential to smooth the journey for both staff and students.

Topics covered include:

Exploring the key drivers for having a course based approach to assessment planning.
Considering the key players in the course team that can ensure an enhanced assessment journey.
You will view an example of course team experience.
Explore mapping documents that can be adapted to map your own course.
Have hands –on guidance in starting to develop your own course and module maps.

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