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Teaching international students: PART 1 - inclusive teaching practices for teaching culturally diverse students

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21/12/2018 - 11/02/2019

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This 2 hr course is an introduction to benefits, issues and practical aspects of teaching International students. It takes an active learning approach to sharing experiences and considering the implications for teaching this large and diverse student body. This course is co-presented by Jiasheng Zheng, a Chinese visiting scholar at Coventry University, with a 15 year teaching Chinese mature student experience in a local university in China.

What are the benefits?

By engaging with academic peers you will share thoughts and ideas to address specific challenges of how to both engage and make the most of a diverse student body.

Topics covered include:

Why "International" students and what does this really mean? Can we stereotype? Understanding your students. Engaging students in classroom discussion. What changes can I make to my practice?

Who should attend?

Any teaching staff who want to learn and share ideas of how to help international students achieve their potential.


Peter Harrison: Academic Developer (Internationalisation Development) & Jiasheng Zheng; lecturer in Shaoxing University in China

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