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Show & Tell: developing assessment rubric in partnership with your students

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Enhancing Current Practice

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This workshop adopts a case-study approach to share how the PgCert APHE* course team worked in partnership with their students to co-create the assessment rubric.
The course team piloted this approach to enhance their students' investment and engagement with module assessment.
You will participate in the classroom activity used by the PgCert team to co-create the rubric. Please bring along a mobile learning device e.g. laptop, tablet, phone, where possible, as we will access online tools.
*Background Information:
The Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice in Higher Education (PgCert APHE) is accredited by Advance HE and is designed, delivered and assessed by the PgCert course team at Coventry. This workshop relates specifically to module one of the course 'Developing and Enhancing Teaching Practice in Higher Education'.

What are the benefits?

You will paticipate in a classroom activity that gives you first-hand experience of creating an assessment rubric in collaboration with your peers, within a safe experimental learning space.
This activity has been used with two postgraduate cohorts at Coventry in 2018.
You'll experience how it feels to be a student tasked with exploring assessment criteria to formulate a suitable rubric.
Based on your experience, you'll be able to:
- reflect how your own students might feel when engaging in a similar exercise
- consider how you might implement this approach with your own students (if at all)
- identify aspects to adapt so the approach is more suited to your teaching context

Topics covered include:

Preparation, Method & Tools
Positive Outcomes
Lessons Learned (especially scale & facilitation)
Student Feedback

Who should attend?

All teachers involved in designing and deivering assessment criteria and rubric for students. This workshop is not suitable for current PgCert APHE participants.


Brinder Rajpal (Module Leader) & Alice Lau (Course Director)

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