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Artificial Intelligence and Academic Conduct

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Sharing Practice & Scholarship of Teaching & Learn

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09/11/2023 - 16/11/2023

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Irene Glendinning, Chris Haycock


This session will present the guidance for staff and students developed during 2022-23 about appropriate and inappropriate uses of tools with artificial intelligence and the impacts on academic conduct.

What are the benefits?

To brief academic staff on the new guidance and resources and how it affects their role in setting assignments, marking, deterring and detecting academic integrity breaches.

Topics covered include:

Summary of new guidance for staff and students on use of tools with artificial intelligence; different types of AI tools; what constitutes legitimate use of each type of tool; acknowledging, describing, referencing; educating students for the future workplace; detecting and evidencing inappropriate use if AI tools; communicating with students and providing guidance and education

Who should attend?

Mainly aimed at staff with a teaching role, but any member of staff is welcome to attend.

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