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Creating a Presence in the Learning Environment: 2.5 hour Face to Face Practical Workshop

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Teaching Practice

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01/11/2023 - 27/11/2023

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Sonia Ritter


The most important teaching aid is our voice and body. We have a wonderful individual and collective repertoire of communication skills that may be dormant or unrealised in the classroom. This workshop offers the opportunity to awaken and explore through practical core activities, the means to realise and sustain the power of the voice and body as a principal teaching tool and so create a dynamic and memorable classroom environment that can transform the learning experience.

What are the benefits?

Taking away a workable process of creating presence in any learning environment from online to live lecture hall, through the practical application of core methods that develop, engage and sustain the capacity of the voice and body in teaching practice. Confidence and mind set are strengthened through the process and so the overall teaching practice experience becomes richer and more sustainable and the learning experience interactive, engaging and memorable.

Topics covered include:

- Physical and mental preparation for teaching practice.
- Maximising the creative and interactive potential of the teaching space.
- Building confidence and ease in delivery.
- Developing empathetic openness.
- Animating dynamic presence: body language.
- Breath support and vocal dexterity, tone, nuance and projection.

Who should attend?

Any member of staff engaged in online, recorded or live teaching or presentational activity.

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