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Active and Interactive Learning with Mentimeter

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Learning Design

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27/09/2023 - 12/11/2023

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Erika Hawkes & Lucy Bamwo


Want more interaction in your teaching? Mentimeter may offer a solution! In this session we'll explore how Mentimeter is being used by colleagues across Coventry and CU Group. You'll then identify a pedagogical problem and design a Mentimeter slide to address that problem before testing it out in small groups. Bring your questions, problems, and ideas and discover the various ways Mentimeter can support interaction, curiosity, and active learning.

What are the benefits?

This session will be helpful if you want to explore options for using Mentimeter to increase interactivity or active learning, if you are curious how other colleagues have successfully used Mentimeter, or if you just want to try it out in a supportive environment. It could be especially helpful if you are looking for active learning ideas for large groups.

Topics covered include:

- Examples of how Mentimeter is already being used by colleagues
- Identifying a pedagogical problem that Mentimenter could help with
- Designing and testing a Mentimeter slide
- Peer feedback on your suggested Mentimeter activities

Who should attend?

Colleagues involved in teaching or supporting teaching. PLEASE NOTE this is not a basic introduction. Please ensure you have set up a Mentimeter account here http://www.mentimeter.com/join/coventryuniversity and watched the 7-minute introduction video here: https://teach.coventry.domains/articles/mentimeter/ prior to the workshop

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