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Light Bites - Saying it out loud! - Awaken the Word!

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The Basics (Teaching and Learning)

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12/03/2021 - 12/04/2021

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All staff


Sonia Ritter


Relish a lively 60 minute PRACTICAL masterclass in creating online presence, vocal relaxation and exercise, and how to make the most of your webinar space.

Saying It Out Loud offers key tools for sustainable voice use and body language dynamic.

All workshops begin with a warmup.

Each week a different aspect of creating presence online will be explored.

Every workshop stands up as a one off event, or you can attend as many of them as you choose!

Bring curiosity and a coffee and make a bit of space round your computer!

Walk away with a good feeling and access to a 5 minute vocal and physical warm up under your belt for daily use.

Topics covered include:

Awaken the Word!

Further exercises that explore tonal variety: using sound to illustrate. Awaken those latent vocal talents! A little dip into storytelling.

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